10% of every single sale goes to charities and good causes

In 2021 we hope to donate over £10,000

The candle industry in the UK is worth over £2 billion per year, we're the cheeky rascals trying to shake it up.

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why good candles?

every single candle does good things
every single candle does good things

Setting fire to something is extremely extravagant. You're setting fire to money, why not make someone happier by doing this.

Let's do that and make the house smell amazing whilst also knowing that all the money isn't going to some old dude in a suit.

The Rzysko Family posing for a photograph with Grace Lau at The Turner Contemporary for Good Candles
we're a family and we really care about this

We don't always look this serious. Three is the magic number and we work as a team, husband, wife and daughter.

We want to make something that lets us have more time together. We want to show our daughter how business can be done well. We want to make her proud.

your home deserves to smell good
your home deserves to smell good

We've filled our home with candles over the years, each one bringing back memories.

We're spending a bit more time at home right now so let's make it smell nice. We focus on nostalgia and memory not science and the abstract.

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We publish all of our donations.

we make good candles

Small batch candles designed and made by hand in the UK using high quality, sustainably sourced soy wax.

We've made these to be safe and free of nasty stuff such as paraffin and carcinogens. We've got kids at home and we don't want them breathing in bad things.

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candles don't have to be serious

We make candles, good ones that make a difference. 

We think this can be done with a smile, presented in boxes that feel nice and made in places where people are treated well.

Every single one helps fund projects and charities that make life better for people. Everyone deserves a second chance.

We make a bit of profit on these, hopefully enough for a family holiday once a year.

No BS, no lofty claims of inventing the wheel or god like egos. Just good smells and good times.